Passover starts Monday night, so I spent all day today cooking as much as I could for our Seder.

By as much as I could, I mean a ridiculous amount of food.  Food which ate my day, swallowing it whole while I worked myself into some sort of wildly focused, domestic state of mind – a state which I counteracted with some riot grrl tunes, lest I allow myself to think I was going on this cooking spree for any reason other than my own empowerment.

Yeah right.

It was a crazy idea, a busy day.  And now I’m exhausted.

But, guess what?

I only have to make about 6 more things before Seder and I can do all of them on Monday morning.  My Mom is bringing the rest.  Hurrah!

Wanna know what I made today?  Of course you do.

– Brisket, nearly nine pounds of it braised slowly in a lovely, tangy sauce. The recipe is an oldie, but goodie. It’s something I remember my grandmother making when I was little.

– Chicken soup. The accompanying matzah balls will be made on Monday.

– Almond cookies, made from a recipe I stole from my friend, Lauren, and tweaked by adding some vanilla and cinnamon.

– Mashed sweet potatoes with some orange zest and caramelized onions.

– Chocolate-toffee matzah, two batches.  This is addictive stuff. You can’t stop after you’ve had that first bite.  And!  Once you’ve had it, you build up a tolerance that causes you to eat more and more each time.

I’ll post the recipes if I can figure out how to make a recipe category…

…which I’ll do after I have some well-earned hard cider and pre-Passover pizza.