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Just Dance

It’s rainy today, and very gray.

Because it’s the perfect kind of weather to stay indoors and play Wii, I opted to just bring the kids home after school instead of dragging them along to run errands or allowing them to make impromptu plans for themselves.

(I believe the technical term for what I just described is “lazy parenting”.)

We walked home in the drizzle, jumping in puddles along the way.  As we ambled up our very long driveway, Aviva slipped and fell.

She is prone to melodrama, so I didn’t react immediately.  One does not feed a dragon that breathes imaginary fire. Besides, she seemed fine.

And she was. She picked herself up, sighed, and brushed the gravel off of her knees.

Sensing that her window of over-reaction had closed, I gave her a hug.

“Are you OK?” I asked, kneeling down to face her.

“Oh yeah, Mama”, she said happily, “I’m gonna be OK!”

With that, she grinned a mischievous grin, twirled around, struck a pose, and, with a pantomimed microphone, started singing…

“Gonna be OK – dada-doodoo…Just dance…spin that record, babe…ladadoodoo…”

Then she strutted away in her Hello Kitty rainboots, shaking her little tush all the way to the front door, leaving me behind to wonder what sassy, brassy planet she came from.

Passover Productivity

Passover starts Monday night, so I spent all day today cooking as much as I could for our Seder.

By as much as I could, I mean a ridiculous amount of food.  Food which ate my day, swallowing it whole while I worked myself into some sort of wildly focused, domestic state of mind – a state which I counteracted with some riot grrl tunes, lest I allow myself to think I was going on this cooking spree for any reason other than my own empowerment.

Yeah right.

It was a crazy idea, a busy day.  And now I’m exhausted.

But, guess what?

I only have to make about 6 more things before Seder and I can do all of them on Monday morning.  My Mom is bringing the rest.  Hurrah!

Wanna know what I made today?  Of course you do.

– Brisket, nearly nine pounds of it braised slowly in a lovely, tangy sauce. The recipe is an oldie, but goodie. It’s something I remember my grandmother making when I was little.

– Chicken soup. The accompanying matzah balls will be made on Monday.

– Almond cookies, made from a recipe I stole from my friend, Lauren, and tweaked by adding some vanilla and cinnamon.

– Mashed sweet potatoes with some orange zest and caramelized onions.

– Chocolate-toffee matzah, two batches.  This is addictive stuff. You can’t stop after you’ve had that first bite.  And!  Once you’ve had it, you build up a tolerance that causes you to eat more and more each time.

I’ll post the recipes if I can figure out how to make a recipe category…

…which I’ll do after I have some well-earned hard cider and pre-Passover pizza.