Lilah has an amazing teacher who fosters creativity in every classroom activity, no matter what the topic.  So, when Lilah told me that her class was writing short stories, I knew the results would be pretty great.

I was definitely not disappointed. For your reading pleasure…

The Spooky Day

By Lilah

Once, when I was at camp playing hockey, an alien popped out of nowhere.  It said, “Can I play hockey with you?”

Nobody knew what to say.

The alien said, “Thanks, I love hockey” and played a game with us.

When the game was over, it tried to attack us.

I found the alien ship and pulled a lever. Something like a hammer came out and started to bang the alien on its head.  My knee pushed a different lever. It pushed the alien up in the air.

The alien fell down and got out. It put me into its ship.

It took me into space.

I escaped the alien ship and landed on a weird planet called Zombie Planet. The zombies looked scary, but just wanted to play.

One zombie pushed me.  I slipped and fell off Zombie Planet, came back to Earth, and landed on top of my school.

I climbed down and started to play.  It was getting dark.  I walked home, but nobody was home.

So, I put on the movie Labyrinth.

When it was over, I went to bed.

It had been a spooky day.

About the author: Lilah lives in Massachusetts with her brother, sister, mom and dad. She wrote this story because she likes hockey and aliens.